Our Guiding Philosophy

Shenzhen Plastics Converting Ltd. (SPCL); Founded new factory in 2008 with sales office in Baoan Shenzhen, opened new Factory in Shanghai China in 2015 ranks as top new manufacturer for Disposable Wet Wipes.


Additionally, SPCL brought together Several factory’s to form a new leading Manufacturer in Asia for the key products, like alcohol pad, p-iodine pad, BZK wipe, baby wipe, and medical wipes etc.

With acquisition of ISO9001/13485, CE, FDA registration, cGMP, EPA factory, we work the big brands abroad with guaranteed quality. With 500 professional personnel and trained workers, advanced equipment's and organized production/quality systems, we have always expanded our market share we export to North America, Europe, and Middle East etc.


All the products are manufactured by Automatic Production lines in the Clean Class 100,000 Standard workshop according to cGMP standard. SPCL also developed its own assembling lines for Moist Pad Packing Machines and supplied Automatic High-Speed Machines for its own use. The powerful automation capability in machinery provides a stable support for the product quality and productivity, while improving the products quality; SPCL help reducing its cost, making it more accessible for distributors or buyer to explore markets. Inspired by the needs of customers, SPCL adopts Advanced Technologies and transform them into Innovation and sustainable Quality Assurance.


SPCL’s would like to endeavor every effort to make clients enjoy products and service made by SPCL


SPCL Management